Secured Payments

Ensuring Customer Payment Security at Mirrored Mobel

At Mirrored Mobel, we prioritize the security of customer payments and personal information. We have taken extensive measures to offer you a reliable and secure transaction experience. Rest assured that your transactions are 100% safe and protected.

Secure Transaction Process

When you arrive at the registration page on our website, you will notice a padlock icon in your browser's address bar, indicating a secure connection. Additionally, you will find a link to our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which we utilize for enhanced security.

Understanding SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is a cryptographic code installed on our web server, ensuring secure online communication. By utilizing SSL certificates, we maintain the confidentiality of online interactions. These certificates act as credentials in the digital realm.

What is the purpose of an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate plays a vital role in ensuring the security of customer data entered on our website during registration and payment processes. It encrypts the information, effectively protecting it from potential hackers and data theft.

How does an active SSL certificate enhance Credit/Debit Card processing on a website?

With an active SSL certificate, all transactions involving Credit/Debit Cards are conducted in a completely secure and safe manner. Mirrored Mobel goes the extra mile by utilizing Opayo and PayPal, the UK's most popular and highly secure payment gateways, in addition to the SSL certificate.

Who is Opayo (formerly SagePay) and what do they do?

Opayo is a highly secure online payment provider in the UK, processing millions of protected transactions each month for over 45,000 businesses worldwide. With its robust platform, Opayo ensures the safety and reliability of payments. For more information about Opayo, please visit their website at

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an established online payment system that guarantees the safety and security of transactions made on the Internet. Trusted by businesses and consumers globally, PayPal has over 360 million active users in more than 200 countries. In the year 2020 alone, it facilitated four billion payment transactions. To find out more about PayPal, please visit their website at

You can confidently place your order online at, knowing that it is a secure platform. Alternatively, if you prefer to order over the phone, feel free to contact us at 0116 296 4432, and our team will be delighted to assist you.